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Remodel Envy only installs top-of-the-line energy efficient window options.  We live in Wisconsin with this little season called winter.  All windows are custom manufactured to each individual openings.  Window installs usually require custom bent metals around the exterior trim and often finish carpentry on the interior.  All window installations are performed by Remodel Envy veteran carpenters.  We understand that the windows are the "eyes" of the home.  As such, we will work with you to choose the type/style of window, material of window (vinyl, wood, etc.) and desired glass-thickness.

  • Aesthetics: Quality windows and superior window installation service will enhance your home’s look on both the inside and outside adding curb appeal. You’ll love the way your home looks!

  • Energy Efficiency: So many Overland Park homes have drafty, rattly windows that leak heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. New energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce your cooling and heating bills.

  • Maintenance: Older windows require maintenance: scraping, painting/staining, caulking, and effort then they’re worth to increase energy efficiency. Most newer windows feature low to minimal maintenance.

  • Performance: No more drafts or frosty windows giving you the chills!  You’ll appreciate the ease of cleaning and notice a significant decrease on your energy costs.

Window Photos

LP Smart Side

Mastic Vinyl Siding System w/ Custom Wrapped Windows

Windows and Patio Doors

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